LATIN TEXT: “...Sed redeamus ad propositum. Molestus est Balaam Deo, et extorquet propemodum permitti sibi ut eat maledicere filiis Israel, et ut invocet daemones, ad quem jam venerat Deus ascendit. Asinam, occurrit ei Angelus qui excubabat pro Israel, de quo scriptum est, dicente Domino ad Moysen: “Angelus Meus ibit tecum.” Petenti ergo ire, conceditur : in via conteritur ab asina : sed magus daemones videt, Angelum non videt ; asina tamen videt. Non quod digna esset videre Angelum, sicut nec loqui digna erat, sed ut confutaretur Balaam : et ut ait quodam in loco Scriptura : “Mutum animal humana voce respondens, arguit prophetae dementiam...” - (Page 401, “IN NUMEROS HOMILIA,” Patres Apostolici, COLLECTIO SELECTA SS. ECCLESIAE PATRUM, Complectens Exquisitissima Opera. By D. M. N. S. Guuillon. M. DCCC. XXIX.)

ORIGEN OF ALEXANDRIA (circa 185-253 C.E.): “...But let us return to our theme. Balaam is annoying to God, and he to whom God had already come practically exorts from him permission to go curse the sons of Israel and to invoke demeons. “He mounts his donkey.”{100} AND THE ANGEL THAT WATCHES OVER ISRAEL MEETS HIM. OF ( THIS – ANGEL ) IT IS WRITTEN IN THE LORD'S WORDS ADDRESSED TO MOSES: MY ANGEL WILL GO WITH YOU.”{101} So, to the one pressing on, it is granted for him to go...” - (Page 79, 8.1, Homilie 13, ANCIENT CHRISTIAN TEXTS, “Homilies on Numbers,” By Origen,, Translated by Thomas P. Scheck Edited by Christopher Alan Hall, Series Editors Gerald L. Bray, Thomas C. Oden, 2009.)
[FOOTNOTE 100]: Numbers 22:22
[FOOTNOTE 101]: Exodus 32:34.

ORIGEN OF ALEXANDRIA (circa 185-253 C.E.): “...But let us return to the point. Balaam is annoying God, and he to whom God had now come, almost extorts permission for himself that he may go to curse the children of Israel, and may call upon the demons. “He gets up on his Ass,” AND THE ANGEL [Ltn., ( qui excubabat pro Israel )] WHO KEEPS ON WATCHFUL GUARD FOR ISRAEL'S PROTECTION, MEETS HIM, - ( OF ) - ( WHOM ) - IT IS WRITTEN ABOUT IN THE [WORDS] THE LORD SPOKE TO MOSES: [Ltn., ( Angelus Meus )] MY PERSONAL ANGEL WILL GO WITH YOU.” When he asked him to go, therefore, the way is granted...” - (Section 8.1, Homilie 13, “Homilies on Numbers,” By Origen, Translated by Matt13weedhacker 3/12/2011.)
[FOOTNOTE]: Ltn., ( excubabat ) literally: “...to lie out of doors on guard, to watch...”
[FOOTNOTE]: Ltn., ( pro ) “...for, with the idea of protection or defence, hence an acting for or in behalf of...”

...No one --- has seen God --- at any time...” - John 1:18 NASB