For those who may be interested in a slightly different slant on John 1:1-3.

I stumbled across this translation of the remains of Tatian's Diatessaron:

TATIAN THE ASSYRIAN (circa. 120-180 C.E.): "...( From ) the beginning was the Word : this Word was with God, and God was the Word. This was ( from ) the beginning with God. All things ( through ) him were made, and without him was made nothing. Whatsoever was made ( through ) him was life,{2} and the life was the light of men. And this light was shining{3} in the darkeness, and the darkness overcame it not..." - (Page 3, John 1:1-3; E. 3-6. "THE DIATESSARON OF TATIAN" – A Harmony of the Four Holy Gospels compiled in the Third Quarter of the Second Century ; Now first edited in an English form with Introduction and Appendices. By the Rev. Samuel Hemphil. London, Hodder & Stoughton 1888.)
E = The Commentary of Ephraem Syrus translated into Latin from the Armenian by Moesinger. Venice 1876.
[FOOTNOTE 1]: v.l. "...In the beginning..." 
[FOOTNOTE 2]: Sc. "...Without him not even not one thing was. But that which was in him is life..."
[FOOTNOTE 3]: Sc. "...Was shining..."