CHARLES TAZE RUSSELL (circa. 1852-1916 C.E.): “...Why is this? We answer, that it is one of the dark mysteries by which Satan, through the Papacy, has beclouded the Word and character and plan of God. As it is written, “...The god of this world hath blinded the minds of them that believe not, lest light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them...” ― 2 Cor. 4:4. He has put upon the poor world utter blindness and doctrinal vails, darkening counsel and falsifying mysteries, to hinder those who have found the Lord from coming to a clear knowledge of the truth. BUT HOW WOULD SATAN BE INTERESTED IN ADDING TO THE LUSTER OF THE GLORY OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST? WOULD IT NOT RATHER BE HIS WORK TO DETRACT FROM THE GLORY OF CHRIST? We answer, that it has always been Satan's policy to misrepresent the truth, to misrepresent the Bible, and to make its teachings appear unreasonable and self-contradictory, in order to hinder mankind from seeing the great beauty and reasonableness and harmony which inhere in the divine plan and Word. The more absurdities Satan can get interwoven into man's views respecting the Creator, the better he will succeed in separating from the service of God those who are of reasonable and logical mind; and proportionately the more unreasonable he succeeds in making the creeds of men, the more does he destroy real faith amongst those who advocate those creeds, and the more he does to favor mere credulity, instead of genuine faith. Thus for centuries the great Adversary has been working most successfully to rid the Church of all the most reasonably disposed, and to gather into it the more credulous and superstitious and unreasoning class. He has covered and hidden some of the most precious truths under the most specious and repulsive errors, and the progress of the Lord's people has been correspondingly slow. But, thank God, we are now living in the time when the vail of ignorance is being dissolved, and when the Lord's [Page 62.] people are learning to look away from the creeds formed for their enslavement during the dark ages, and to look directly to the Word of God itself...” - (Pages 61-62, SUBHEADING: THE SCRIPTURE TEACHING RESPECTING THE FATHER AND THE SON AND THEIR UNITY. STUDY I. THE FACT AND PHILOSOPHY OF THE ATONEMENT. VOLUME 5, STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES.)

The above remined me of a similar line of reasoning I stumbled across on another web site from:


...For any reader trained in Pure Mathematics that is the end of the matter, there is no Trinity. But for the sake of the less logically experienced among us, please read on. There are 3 inconsistencies in the definition:

1. That God is three independent beings who are one being, so that 3 is 1 and 1 is 3.
2. Jesus is God and the father is God. So the Father is the Son
3. The Son is uncreated

1 It is not possible for three oranges to be one orange.
2 It is not possible for a Father to be a Son, this contradicts the definitions of both father and son. The son is defined as an offspring of a father not an 'onspring' as it were.
3 Sons are by definition created by their fathers, a son cannot be uncreated.

Basically the Trinity is defined as a number that is both less than two and more than two. Obviously there is no such number. The Trinity is like a hotel in North London which is situated South of the Thames. Obviously there is no such hotel. But when the poor uneducated, logically uninitiated, spiritually naive, churchgoer complains, saying: How can this be? He is told by his priest: Aha! that is the mystery of God. God can put a hotel which is in North London in a South London postcode. God can make a number that is larger than 2 actually be less than 2. At which point the poor naive churchgoer gives up and says to himself. Wow! I will never understand God, I had better leave the understanding of him to my priest. I can never have a relationship with a God like that, whom I simply cannot understand. I had better have a relationship with the priest instead. This is of course precisely the effect that the priest wants. Now he can continue to play God to his congregation. So the churchgoer becomes an idolater of his priest rather than a worshipper of God. It is not possible to have a relationship with a person who cannot be known. So the churchgoer is prohibited by the trinity doctrine from having a relationship with his dad.
[…] The trinity is therefore a 'Brainwashometer'. If the victim is prepared to believe that one is three and that a father is his own son and that a son is uncreated, then he is prepared to believe anything at all and so he is fully brainwashed. Once he is in this condition, his logic is removed, his objectivity has gone, he is mentally defenceless, so he or his family can be pumped for money, sex, status, worship, whatever the priest wants. So by making the trinity doctrine the central doctrine of the Roman Catholic faith, that church was auto selecting brainwashed people. The control freak only wants brainwashed people. He cannot permit free thinkers to enter the congregation, they might see through his little game and liberate his brainwashed victims. It is a pleasure to be able to reveal the truth behind this despicable mind game that the Roman Catholic Church has relied on for 1700 years...”

This of course is put in a less dignified way than I would, but it gets right to the point and illustrates the cunning of the Great Adversary.