UNITED BIBLE SOCIETIES: “...Evidence for the citation of the Church Fathers has been taken almost wholly from printed editions of the Greek New Testament and has not yet been checked. These data are not always reliable since many of the patristic editions employed by earlier editors of the Greek New Testament are out of date. Moreover, a Church Father not infrequently quotes the same passage in more than one form, often from memory than by consulting a manuscript, and may therefore appear in support of differing readings. FURTHERMORE, THE MANUSCRIPTS OF THE CHURCH FATHERS - ( HAVE ) - SUFFERED THE USUAL TRANSCRIPTIONAL - ( MODIFICATIONS ) - TO WHICH ALL ANCIENT MANUSCRIPTS WERE SUBJECT; THIS WAS - ( ESPECIALLY TRUE ) - FOR BIBLICAL PASSAGES WHERE THE TENDENCY OF SCRIBES WAS TO - ( ACCOMMODATE READINGS TO ) - THE BYZANTINE TEXTUAL ( TRADITION )...” - (Page xxxvi, UBS Greek Text apparatus: Kurt Alan, Matthew Black, Carlo M. Martini, Bruce M. Metzger, and Allen Wikgren (eds.), The Greek New Testament, 3rd edition, United Bible Societies, 1983.)