Friday, October 7, 2011


Joseph Priestley. “The theological and miscellaneous works of Joseph Priestley Written in English edited with notes by John Towill Rutt. Published 1817 by Printed by G. Smallfield in London.” is a must read! 

NOTE: Joseph Priestley was a Unitarian, meaning he didn't believe in the Pre-Human existence of Jesus Christ. But he certainly did not believe in the Tri{3}nity and did some fine research on the history and doctrines of the early Christian Congregation. 

I highly recommend:

Vol 6 “Containing An History Of Early Opinions Concerning Jesus Christ!”

NOTE: The second link above takes you to the very start of the volume and in the first few chapters he disagrees with the doctrine of Jesus Pre-Existence. So the first link by-passes those chapters and goes to the part about the ANF or "Apostolic Fathers" etc.

A list of links to his other works online at Wikipedia: