MILETO OF SARDIS (circa 110 to 177 C.E.): "...Chief Priest; among kings, the Ruler; among prophets, the Prophet; AMONG THE ANGELS, ARCHANGEL; in the voice of the preacher, the Word; ... He who appeared to the apostles; He who was carried up to heaven; He who is seated at the right hand of the Father; He who is the repose of those that are departed; the recoverer of those that are lost; the light of those that are in darkness; the deliverer of those that are captive; the guide of those that go astray; the asylum of the afflicted; the bridegroom of the Church; THE CHARIOTEER OF THE CHERUBIM; THE CAPTAIN OF THE ANGELS..." - (Fragments of Melito, the Philosopher. IV. On Faith. Roberts & Donaldson ANF.)  
[FOOTNOTE]: This text does call him a god as well. It also should be noted that at times this same fragment has been attributed to Irenaeus of Lyon's as well.