COUNCIL OF ANTIOCH (circa 264-269 C.E.): "...The Son (say they) is sometimes called an Angel, sometimes the Lord, sometimes God. For it is[*] impious to imagine that the God of the Universe is anywhere called an Angel. But the Angel [or Messenger] of the Father, is the Son, who Himself is Lord and God. For it is written: "The Angel of his great Counsel,"[or Covenant]..." - (Page 65 The Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity, and Related Writings - By Samuel Clarke)

COUNCIL OF ANTIOCH (circa 264-269 C.E.): "...Sometimes he is testified to as "an Angel," but sometimes as "a lord," but also sometimes as "a god." For it is too un-reverential to even think of calling the definitive God of the entire universe “an Angel.” But the Son is thee Angel of the Father. Being himself a lord and a god. As it is written: “[the] Angel of His Great Purpose[*]..." - (Epist. Synodic. ad Paul. Samos. Translated by Matt13weedhacker 28/08/2011)
[FOOTNOTE *]: Isa 9:6; LXX., or "...Angel of Great Counsel..."