LATIN TEXT: "...Deus igitur machinator constitutoque rerum, sicuti in secundo libro ( scilicet, cap. 9 ) di[]imus, antequaem praeclarum hoc opus mundi adoriretur, sanctum et incorruptibilem spiritum genuit, quem Filium nuncupaet. Et quamvis alios postea innumerabiles per ipsum creavisset, quo angelos dicimus, hunc tamen solum primogenitum divini nominus appellatione dignatus est, patria scilicet virtute ac majestate pollentem..." - (Latin Text of Divinae Institutiones Book 4, Chapter 6, Section 1. MGL.)

LACTANTIUS (circa. 240-320 C.E.): "...God, then, who invented and constructed all things, (as we said in book 2), before approaching the remarkable task of making this world CREATED A HOLY AND INCORRUPTIBLE SPIRIT WHOM HE CALLED HIS SON AND THOUGH HE LATER CREATED COUNTLESS ( OTHERS ), WHOM WE CALL ANGELS, - ( THIS ), HIS FIRST-BORN, WAS THE ONLY ( ONE ) - HE DISTINGUISHED WITH A ( NAME ) OF DIVINE SIGNIFICANCE, presumably because he had his Father's qualities of power and supremacy..." - (Divinae institutiones 4.6.1, Translated with an introduction and notes by ANTHONY BOWEN and PETER GARNSEY.)

LACTANTIUS (circa. 240-320 C.E.): "...God, therefore, the contriver and founder of all things, as we have said in the second book, before He commenced this excellent work of the world, ( BEGOT ) A PURE AND INCORRUPTIBLE SPIRIT, WHOM HE ( CALLED ) HIS SON. AND ALTHOUGH HE HAD AFTERWARDS - ( CREATED ) - BY HIMSELF INNUMERABLE - ( OTHER ) BEINGS, - WHOM WE CALL ( ANGELS ), THIS FIRST-BEGOTTEN, HOWEVER, WAS - THE ( ONLY ONE ) - WHOM HE CONSIDERED WORTHY OF BEING ( CALLED ) BY THE DIVINE NAME, as being powerful in His Father's excellence and majesty..." - (Divinae institutiones 4.6.1 ANF Roberts & Donaldson)