Thursday, November 22, 2012



JOHN MILTON (circa. 1608-1674 C.E.): “...This point also will be easily explained by reference to Scripture. For when the Son is said to be 'the first born of every creature,' and 'the beginning of the creation of God,' NOTHING CAN BE MORE EVIDENT THAN THAT GOD OF HIS OWN WILL – ( CREATED ), – OR GENERATED, OR PRODUCED THE SON BEFORE ALL THINGS, endued with the divine nature, as in the fulness of time he miraculously begat him in his human nature of the Virgin Mary...” - (Book 1, Chapter 5, Section 112, “Of The Creation,” In: Volume 1, “A TREATISE ON CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE, COMPILED FROM THE HOLY SCRIPTURES ALONE,” By John Milton, Boston: 1825.)

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