Now here's an interesting quote from Jerome in reply to Rufinus who re-doctored Origens, Eusebius, Clement of Alexandria and others writings to conform to the newly enforced standard of belief in his time.

Its a dialogue between a Valentinian Gnostic and Origen of Alexandria.

NOTE: Who argues upon the basis of SUBSTANCE and who argues for A CREATED BEING in this quote:

JEROME (347 to 420 C.E.): “...Now compare the words of Origen, which I have translated word for word above, with these which by him have been turned into Latin, or rather overturned; and you will see clearly how great a discrepancy between them there is, not only of word but of meaning. I beg you not to consider my translation wearisome because it is longer; for the object I had in translating the whole passage was to exhibit the purpose which he had in suppressing the earlier part. There exists in Greek a dialogue between ORIGEN AND CANDIDUS the defender of THE HERESY OF VALENTINIAN, in which I confess it seems to me when I read it that I am looking on at a fight between two Andabatian gladiators. CANDIDUS MAINTAINS THAT THE SON IS OF THE SUBSTANCE OF THE FATHER, falling into the error of asserting a ProbolĂ© or Production. On the other side, ORIGEN, LIKE ARIUS AND EUNOMIUS, refuses to admit that He is produced or born, lest God the Father should thus be divided into parts; BUT HE SAYS THAT HE WAS A SUBLIME AND MOST EXCELLENT CREATION WHO CAME INTO BEING BY THE WILL OF THE FATHER LIKE OTHER CREATURES. They then come to a second question. Candidus asserts that the devil is of a nature wholly evil which can never be saved. Against this Origen rightly asserts that he is not of perishable substance, but that it is by his own will that he fell and can be saved. This Candidus falsely turns into a reproach against Origen, as if he had said that the diabolical nature could be saved. What therefore Candidus had falsely accused him of, Origen refutes. But we see THAT IN THIS DIALOGUE ( ALONE ) ORIGEN ACCUSES THE HERETICS OF HAVING FALSIFIED HIS WRITINGS, ( NOT ) IN THE OTHER BOOKS ABOUT WHICH ( NO ) QUESTION WAS ( EVER ) RAISED. Otherwise, if we are to believe that all which is heretical is not due to ORIGEN but to the heretics, WHILE ALMOST ALL HIS BOOKS ARE FULL OF THESE ERRORS, nothing of Origen’s will remain, but everything must be the work of those of whose names we are ignorant..." - (Hieronymus – Apologia Adversus Libros Rufini; Jerome’s Apology for Himself Against the Books of Rufinus; Addressed to Pammachius and Marcella from Bethlehem, a.d. 402. Book 2, Section 19, Page 512.)


Jerome clearly states that Origen taught and believed Jesus was "A CREATION ... LIKE OTHER CREATURES"

Jerome also shows he didn't follow the later idea of the Son being of the same SUBSTANCE of the Father, but that this was the BASIS OF THE ( GNOSTIC ) TEACHING AND ARGUMENT.