Dionysius of Rome originally taught the Son of God is a “...CREATURE...”

But he later changed his opinion. Perhaps this was due to peer-pressure or some other reason. We cannot know for sure, but, he did write the following:
GREEK TEXT: “...φασὶ [4.2] τοίνυν ἐν ἐπιστολῇ τὸν μακάριον ∆ιονύσιον εἰρηκέναι, ποίημα καὶ γενητὸν εἶναι τὸν υἱὸν τοῦ θεοῦ μήτε δὲ φύσει ἴδιον, ἀλλὰ ξένον κατ' οὐσίαν αὐτὸν εἶναι τοῦ πατρός, ὥσπερ ἐστὶν ὁ γεωργὸς πρὸς τὴν ἄμπελον καὶ ὁ ναυπηγὸς πρὸς τὸ σκάφος· καὶ γὰρ ὡς ποίημα ὢν οὐκ [4.3] ἦν πρὶν γένηται. ναὶ ἔγραψεν, ὁμολογοῦμεν καὶ ἡμεῖς εἶναι τοιαύτην ἐπιστολὴν αὐτοῦ...” - (Chapter 4:1(C)-3(A), De sententia Dionysii, MPG.)

DIONYSIUS OF ROME (died circa 268 C.E.): “...They say then that in a letter the blessed Dionysius has said, ‘that THE SON OF GOD IS A CREATURE AND MADE, and not His own by nature, but in essence alien from the Father, just as the husbandman is from the vine, or the ship-builder from the boat, for that being a creature He was not before He came to be.’ YES, HE WROTE IT, AND WE TOO ADMIT THAT HIS LETTER RUNS THUS...” - (Chapter 4, De Sententia Dionysii. Athanasius On the Opinion of Dionysius. Roberts & Donaldsons ANF.)

Of course that is if Athanasius account of him can be trusted!

The above is at any rate an admission that he did, at one stage at least, teach Jesus was indeed a “...CREATURE...”